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My name is Ignacio Flores Contín and I am specialized in 3D recreation of architectural spaces.

I have been working in 3D for more than 18 years and my training has been based both on effort and dedication day by day, learning from the greatest artists...

I am a self-taught Freelance.

I'm currently working in my small studio in Zaragoza for different architecture or interior design studios. I can work online for any studio that might be interested in the style and quality of my work, as I am very perfectionist in what I do and I like to provide quality to my work. I work for those companies who want to incorporate a "plus" of quality to their product and know how to appreciate a well-done job.

Within 3D, my area of specialization is lighting because I feel comfortable creating different spaces, creating environments that can transmit feelings to the viewer by playing with  lights and shadows and specially creating different settings. I am also a perfectionist when it comes to the creation of materials in order to make a good quality product.

I like my work and I enjoy it, that aspect is very well transmitted while I am working and presenting a project.

My work tools are 3ds max, vray, Photoshop, etc...

If you think that my work methodology and the style of my images can fit in any of your projects, you can get in touch with me and we will figure out which solution is the best for the project you have in mind.



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